Wednesday | 6.20.2018
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New Hope for Chronic Disease Sufferers

When Patricia Stephens turned 40, her health began to spiral downward. This vibrant teacher and mother of two deteriorated to the point where she could no longer function and became totally disabled. It took seven frustrating years and countless medical tests to receive the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Even worse, her doctors said the illness was incurable and she would “have to learn to live with it.”

Unwilling to accept the prognosis, Stephens took her health into her own hands and shares her story in Reversing Chronic Disease: A Journey Back to Health (Tate Publishing). Now a certified nutritional consultant working in a natural pharmacy, Stephens has been free from fibromyalgia symptoms for more than a decade and doesn’t take any conventional medicines. 

Stephens’ road to recovery began when she started researching the ADHD/fibromyalgia connection. After being diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and having Ritalin prescribed for her, Stephens’ fibromyalgia symptoms disappeared. In 1998 she launched, a Web site aimed at educating the public about the connection between the two diseases and to share her success. In two years, the site attracted over a million hits from around the world.    

No longer taking Ritalin or any other drug, Stephens believes hormonal and chemical imbalances are the root cause of many chronic illnesses. Masking symptoms with medication is costly, she says, for the individual and our country. Instead, she believes imbalances that contribute to many illnesses can be corrected naturally.

After reclaiming her health, Stephens wants to help others suffering with chronic pain do the same. In Reversing Chronic Disease, she presents fresh, unconventional ideas to improve health and stop chronic symptoms, including new options most doctors don’t tell you about, like bio-identical hormone treatment and restoring the balance of naturally occurring brain chemicals such as dopamine.

From help in locating a clinician who works with natural therapies, to discussing lifestyle changes that influence health, Stephens provides new treatment options for those frustrated with chronic illness and includes inspirational success stories from her own clients.

“I am living proof that the disabled can regain their health,” Stephens says. “My challenge to each of you who suffers with chronic health problems is not to accept a low quality of life without exploring and working through other treatment options.”

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