Wednesday | 6.20.2018
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End-of-Life Etiquette
Suppressing Protein May Stem Alzheimer's Disease Process
Researchers Create Next-Generation Alzheimer’s Disease Model
Risk Gene for Alzheimer's Disease Associated With Lower Brain Amyloid
Treating Patients with Stage IVB, Recurrent, or Persistent Cervical Cancer
Study Suggests Gene Variation May Shape Bladder Cancer Treatment
2 Studies Look at Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Survival after Breast Cancer
Study Reveals Genomic Similarities between Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancers
NIH Math Model Predicts Effects of Diet, Physical Activity on Childhood Weight
Anti-HIV Therapy Appears to Protect Children's Hearts
Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Delay in Shifting Gaze Linked to Early Brain Development in Autism.
NIH Begins Recruitment for Long-Term Study of Diabetes Drug Efficacy
Type 1 Diabetes Network Expands Reach With Online Sign-Up, Nationwide Testing
NIH Study Shows Big Improvement in Diabetes Control over Past Decades
Family Problem-Solving Sessions Help Teens Better Manage Diabetes
Cardiac Bypass Surgery Superior to Non-Surgical Procedure for Adults with Diabetes and Heart Disease
What Does One Do in a Cardiac Emergency?
Women Fare Worse Than Men in Treatment of Heart Disease
How to Reduce the Risk of Stroke
Health-Insurance Trend: Moving From Group to Individual Purchase
Making the Move to Medicare
Accountable Care Organizations Stir Praise, Concerns
HSA Account Usage Patterns, Profiles Highlighted By J.P. Morgan
Paths Through the Health-Insurance Tangle Are Offered in Guide for Entrepreneurs, Small-Business Owners
Belly Fat Is Like Real Estate—What Matters Is Location, Location, Location
Five Ways to Ease the Path to Parenthood
Insurer Preauthorization Policies Diminish Patient Care, AMA Survey Finds
NIH Launches First National Down Syndrome Registry
Study Finds that Brain Scan Predicts Whether Therapy or Meds Will Best Lift Depression
Threat Bias Interacts With Combat, Gene to Boost PTSD Risk
iPhone/iPod App Allows Free Screening for Depression, Other Mood and Anxiety Disorders
Researchers Find Diabetes Drug Extends Health and Lifespan in Mice
Researchers Discover How Brain Cells Change Their Tune
Study Identifies Brain Circuits Involved in Learning and Decision Making
Urine Test Can Diagnose, Predict Kidney Transplant Rejection
Harvard Researchers Launch Healthy-Eating Plate
Women Fare Worse Than Men in Treatment of Heart Disease
Belly Fat Is Like Real Estate—What Matters Is Location, Location, Location
Post-Treatment Physical Limitations Can Shorten Lives of Breast-Cancer Survivors


What is the level of penetration for Health Savings Accounts?


More than 13 million Americans are now covered by these combintation health insurance and retirement accounts.  JoAnn Laing, nationally known expert on HSAs

Current Update

Strategies for Better Health Update

Heart stress is affecting American workers because of the recession, report says.

The eldrly have their own way of preparing meals, perhaps it is better for them but bears watching. 

Compassion is a key ingredient to better care for the elderly. 

Harvard researchers debut new "Health Plate."

Although the government has made it easier, there are still things to do when applying for medicare.

Diabetics have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's desease.

Efforts are being made to attack bedbug menace.

New website collects, reports on product recalls.


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